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Need to Know

May 3 through May 11 (reading & exam period) weekdays, students with Night permits & without any permit may park at Lot C11 only.

Students with full day commuter permits – no changes. Permit holders may park in Faculty/Staff lots after 4:45pm.

Weekends: no permits are needed in Faculty/Staff lots.

May 12 through May 30 – no permits are required for this period.

May 31 to August 21, Mondays through Thursdays– Permits are required in all lots. Daytime, students with commuter permits park at City Lot 11. Shuttle will run 7am to 5pm. After 4:30pm, students with commuter permits may park in Faculty/Staff lots C1, C2, C3 and C14.

May 26 to August 26, Fridays through Sundays– Park on campus in Faculty/Staff lots, no permit required. Reserved spaces should still be avoided.


NOTE FOR LOT C11: Weeknights after 5pm and on weekends, Rutgers permits will not be honored at Lot C11 without paying the City fee.



Permits for the summer will be available May 16. Students with permits that expire 8/31/15 do not need additional summer parking permits. Students with Night permits may exchange them for full day permits for $30.



Try Mass Transit! See links to info, discounted fares & EnterpriseCarShare plans.



Welcome To Parking and Transportation Services!

FAQ about parking on campus, links to mass transit discounts and options.  Learn which permit lets you park where and when plus how much each costs. Apply for a permit online, pay a ticket, or file an appeal.
Information about obtaining and using an Employee Rutgers parking permit, for full- and part-time faculty and staff.  Learn what to do when you drive a different car to work other than the one for which you have a permit.

Do you have an appointment at Rutgers?  Visiting from another Campus?  Just using the library?  Information here explains what to do in order to park in a campus lot.

Click here for directions to the Campus.