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Did You Know?

A free substitute hangtag must be obtained when parking a car not registered to your permit.

Use "Temp Parking for Parking Dept" space next to office while obtaining a permit.

Basic parking rules: Have a permit & display it properly. Park in the correct lot. Park between two white lines.

Parking Tickets and Permits

If you've been issued a ticket for a parking violation, you can now pay it or appeal it online:

You will need to know your net ID and password. Visitors will create one.

The magistrate's decision is final.

Citation Appeals must be made online only within ten (10) calendar days of issuance. NO APPEALS OF "HANGTAG NOT DISPLAYED" CITATIONS WILL BE REVIEWED. Those citations may not be appealed. The appeal can be made using the same link as for paying citations: If you are a Rutgers-affiliated user (student, faculty or staff) please enter your NETID and password and click submit. If you are a visitor or a holder of a non-affiliate parking permit, you may either create an account or enter a userID (drivers license number) and password if already created, then Log In. Appeals are independently reviewed to decide if the fine assessed was correct or not. 


RU-Camden Citation Violations Fines Explanation
CMD-P02-OT Parked Loading Zone  $15.00 Parking longer than 20 minutes in a Loading Dock
Unauthorized Vehicle
$15.00 Vehicle not registered to parking permit
CMD-P90 Hangtag Not Displayed  $25.00 Also failure to display dashboard permits for event parking
CMD-85 Unauthorized Lot  $25.00 Students parked in Faculty/Staff lots; Faculty/Staff in Resident lots
CMD-P23 Out Mkd Stall/Blk Veh  $25.00 Vehicles must be within 2 parallel white lines
CMD-P42 Parked in Fire Zone  $25.00 Parked in areas painted with yellow stripes
CMD-P45 Parked in Area Prohibit  $25.00 Vehicles parked outside of parking lots (sidewalks, grass, etc)
CMD-Boot Vehicle Fee  $50.00 Tire Lock attached to vehicle with 3 or more unpaid tickets 
CMD-No Valid Permit P14  $50.00 Parking in a Rutgers parking lot without a Rutgers permit; Parking during the Daytime with a Night permit
CMD-P5 Failure Obey Signs/Mark.  $50.00 Parking in Reserved spaces belonging to others
CMD-Count./Stolen/Alt.Permit P79  $250.00 Changing a Date; using a Lost Permit; using a Stolen Permit
CMD-Handicapped P86  $250.00 Parking in a Rutgers Handicapped space without Rutgers Handicapped space authorization
CMD-P87 Fraudulent Registration  $250.00 Obtaining a permit under false pretenses; using someone else's